Zenetian Scavenger Hunt

The Zenetian Pirate Council holds the Zenetian Scavenger Hunt to determine who will be the new Reigning Pirate Lord of the Zenetian People, out of the 13 Zenetian Lords. The Hunt is held every year, with new items chosen, until a winning team is declared. The winner will hold the title of Pirate Lord for 20 cycles.

The Scavenger Hunt has only one rule:

1. There are no rules.

However, the Hunt is riddled with formalities and traditions. Some of which are:

1. A Zenetian Lord may only be represented by 1 Team and 1 Ship. 2. All teams must be followed by a Camera. 2a. If a team meddles with the camera, it can hurt the Zenetian Lord standing in the Hunt. 3. Time Penalties can be placed on a Lord if his Team, or he, break certain traditions.

The Scavenger Hunt is composed Items ranging in numbers from 9 at the least, to 30 at the most. The Hunt lasts for 1 Cycle.

This years Hunt is composed of 18 Items, as follows:

1. “The Crying Man”

2. Luxan Military BootsFOUND

3. Klinx Crystal

4. A Food Never Tasted

5. Defense ScreenFOUND

6. Tarkin Shield BeltFOUND

7. Bolon Lottery TicketFOUND

8. Flower from the Sanctity RootFOUND

9. Peacekeeper Ident-ChipFOUND

10. Volcarian Priest ArmorFOUND

11. Hinerian Cred-Pledge

12. Melkin Dolls

13. Food ReclamatorFOUND

14. Recycler

15. Shasan Shadow Hunter PeltFOUND


17. Peacekeeper ProwlerFOUND

18. Kurav Wind Whale TeethFOUND

Current Time: 3 Months

Zenetian Scavenger Hunt

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